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2008 Scripps Spelling Bee: Odds on winner now available

2008 Scripps Spelling Bee: Odds on winner now available The British bookmakers became world famous with the fact that hey would let you bet on anything, spelling bee included. I know what you think "Odds on a spelling bee? Get out!" Yes, the British online bookmaker Bet 365 is the first to start offering odds on the 2008 Scripps Spelling Bee, even though for now you can only bet on the gender of the winner (and if you live in the U.S., you cannot bet at all). So far at the British bookie the odds favor a boy winning the contest at 5/7, while a girl would pay out on even odds. So if you live in Europe and wish to place a bet on the Scripps Spelling Bee (i.e. you clearly have a serious gambling problem and no life whatsoever), head on to Bet 365.

 About the Bee: The Scripps Spelling Bee is the nation’s largest and longest-running educational promotion, administered on a not-for-profit basis by The E.W. Scripps Company and 280 sponsors from English speaking countries, and is by far the most popular spelling competition in the world. The basic eligibility requirements for this year's Scripps Spelling Bee are -  open to students who have not reached their 15th birthday on or before September 1, 2007; who have not passed beyond eighth grade on or before February 1, 2008; and who attend schools that enrolled for participation during the 2007-08 academic year. This year 288 spellers from all over the country will battle for the victory, with the quarterfinals beginning on May 29th and the Championship Finals on May 30th.

 Published on 05/19/2008

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