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Who will win American Idol - David Cook says prediction site

Who will win American Idol - David Cook says prediction site Who will win American Idol seems to be the question today and the answer, according to the prediction websites is David Cook. By prediction websites we mean the odds makers, such as the online bookmaker BodogLife, who actually put their money where their months are. David Cook, according to the bookmaker, will win the American Idol, he is listed with the favorite odds -190. Quite a surprise, considering before last night's show Cook was only -170 favorite and Archuleta, as many Idol followers agree, did better job on Tuesday.

 But the bookie is willing to back up its prediction with money and we have to assume that a lot of people bet on Cook in order for his odds to improve after last night's performance episode. David Archuleta is now at +145 to win American Idol, where his odds we +130 yesterday. As a matter of fact, after last night we expected the odds on David Cook to win American Idol to pretty much even with those on Archuleta, but obviously the odds makers think Cook will win American idol tonight. The bookmakers are known to make mistakes (the Giants were big underdog for the Super Bowl) and when this happens, betting the underdog means money in the punters' pockets. But then again, they were spot on last night prediction the winner of Dancing with the Stars...Based on last night's performances, we think David Archuleta will win American Idol.

 Published on 05/21/2008

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