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American Idol Finale: David Cook loses momentum before final

American Idol Finale: David Cook loses momentum before final Less than a day away from the American Idol Finale and David Cook is losing momentum with the audience before the final Idol show. Regardless who wins the American Idol finale, both singers will get a contract with Sony, but the fame, oh, the fame. Will the victory go to the 17-year-old Archuleta or will the 25-year-old rocker David Cook snatch the American Idol right from underneath his nose? David Archuleta was the odds favorite to win the 2008 American Idol almost from the very beginning of the reality show, but David Cook pulled ahead of him in the last few weeks. But it seems Cook is losing the momentum right before the American Idol finale.

 Yesterday at the online sportsbook BodogLife David Cook was a big favorite, listed with odds to win the final Idol at -250 (meaning the bookie will pay out 2 on every 5 risked), while David Archuleta was trailing behind with odds +170 (or 17/10). But today with thousands of entertainment bettors making wagers, the truth came out - there are a lot more punters wagering on David Archuleta than the bookmaker though. The odds on David Cook to be announced winner at the American Idol finale were quickly adjusted all the way down to just -170. He is still the favorite of the two contestants to win the American Idol, but now we know it's definitely going to be very interesting and a really close call during the final Idol episode. Meanwhile the odds on David Archuleta have been greatly improved to just +130, making him an underdog with a real chance of winning the American Idol. Of course, this is just the way the odds makers see the American Idol Finale and it will all be decided by the voters. Plus, we all like a good underdog story.

 Published on 05/20/2008

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