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American Idol Results: Who won the final? The winner is David Cook

American Idol Results: Who won the final? The winner is David Cook Well folks, we have finally reached the final episode of American Idol, tonight one of the Davids was going to be the winner, after the results were in. And the winner of American Idol is David Cook!

 At the beginning of the show we learned that total of 97.5 million votes came in for the American Idol finale, that's 23 million extra votes than they were expecting. American Idol early results also showed that one of the finalists got 56% of the votes, the other 44%. Duh, we knew it was going to be a close call, the odds makers at BodogLife had Cook as favorite to win at -170 and Archuleta was underdog at +130, we just want to know who won American Idol. But, no, the producers have to keep the suspense, hence we listened to David Cook and David Archuleta singing a Nickelback song together, as well as performances by Syesha, Jason Castro, Donna Summer.. Oh well, another hour and a half and we'll know the American Idol winner. If all you want to know is who won American Idol, this is turning out to be a very boring show. Paula Abdul constantly gets up to dance, no Paula, you are not allowed to participate in Dancing with the Stars, so just get over it. You know what, let's just skip all this - the final results are in, the American Idol winner is David Cook.He was the one who got the 56% of the viewers' votes and is now officially the winner of the American Idol 7. The odds makers were right once again. Let's do this again next year, shall we?

 Published on 05/21/2008

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