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Massive brawl at Kansas City Harrah's Casino

Massive brawl at Kansas City Harrah's Casino About 25 people took part in a brawl at the VooDoo Lounge in Harrah's Casino in North Kansas City, it was reported today. The incident began as police officers attempted to arrest a number of suspects at the casino's lounge, but the suspects fought back. Two police officers were called by the casino management to quell a previous disturbance, but the officers were attacked while they were trying to deal with a woman who had been involved in the dispute, North Kansas City Sgt. John Stark told the press. Other patrons joined in on the brawl, which involved about 25 people. Some conflicting reports in the press claim that 450 people were involved in the brawl, which is false. According to the police, there were about 450 customers at the casino bar, but only about 25 took part in the fight. Police were called in from other jurisdictions to help set the peace at the casino lounge, the two officers involved suffered minor injuries.

 Published on 06/02/2008

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