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Nick Bollea Hogan suing sheriff over jail tapes

Nick Bollea Hogan suing sheriff over jail tapes Nick Bollea, the son of former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, is suing a Florida sheriff's department for allegedly recording his conversations with his mother and father and then releasing the tapes. According to the lawsuit, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office violated Nick Bollea's privacy rights and is seeking to stop the sheriff from releasing more recordings of his conversations. At this time the sheriff's department declines to comment on the lawsuit. "Nick only asks that he be treated no differently than the other inmates at the Pinellas County Jail. Instead, the Sheriff's Office has singled him out by the unprecedented release to the media of his personal calls with his family," Nick Bollea attorney Morris Weinberg was quoted.

 Nick Bollea is serving an 8- month sentence for a felony reckless driving, stemming from the car crash last year, which left his passenger and friend John Graziano in critical condition. According to reports in the media, in the tapes released under public records request Bollea is asking Hulk Hogan to set up a reality show for him, once he is out of jail, as well as calling John Graziano a "negative person". Nick Bollea is also complaining about the size of his cell in the tapes;  lawyers filed court papers requesting that Hulk Hogan's son be removed from solitary confinement, where he is being held, because as a minor he isn't allowed to be amongst the adult jail population.

 Published on 06/03/2008

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