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Evander Holyfield also facing foreclosure, behind child support

Evander Holyfield also facing foreclosure, behind child support Boxer Evander Holyfield is the next celebrity to be knocked out by the housing market - according to reports he is facing a foreclosure on his mansion in Atlanta. Reports in the media claim that Evander Holyfield, three-time world champion, is facing a foreclosure on his 109-room mansion in Atlanta, GA, as well as being behind on child support. "I'm not broke. I'm just not liquid. I do feel kind of sad because things have always been positive and now everybody wants to jump on me like I'm the worst person in the world and I went out and blew all my money," Holyfield was quoted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, also adding that he had always taken care of his children. It all started when a notice of foreclosure appeared in the Fayette Daily News on Wednesday, the lien holder of Evander Holyfield's mansion, Washington Mutual, scheduling an auction for July 1st, demanding full repayment a $10 million loan. The mansion was later taken down from the auction list, but details of the deal reached are unknown. Evander Holyfield has also taken two additional mortgages on his Atlanta mansion totaling more than $5 million.

 To add insult to injury, Evander Holyfield is also having problems paying his child support. The mother of one of his 11 children has filed a petition for contempt in Fayette Superior Court, claiming the boxer is behind on his child support payments. "Never! I would never do something like that. That's been a consistency in my whole life. I have always taken care of my children. It's just one of the mothers who's saying something because she thinks it will embarrass me. I just have to roll with the punches in this situation," Holyfield told the media. And if all these troubles are not enough to knock Evander Holyfield out, a Utah consulting company filed lawsuit against the "Real Deal" 16 days ago for failing to repay a $550,000 loan, which the company claims Holyfield used to pay for landscaping on his estate.

 Published on 06/06/2008

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