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Jen Moss: Oregon lady to go naked to the Fourth of July parade

Jen Moss: Oregon lady to go naked to the Fourth of July parade Jen Moss has been known as "The Naked Lady" in Ashland, Oregon, ever since she moved to the town from California, when she found out that the local laws require people to cover only their genitalia in public. Since she moved in Ashland from Ojai, California (where she was known as "Pastie Lady" or "Earth Friend Jen"), Jan Moss was often spotted around town riding her bicycle topless, an act, Moss says, which provoked harassment by the California police in the past. But this year Jen Moss will push the Oregon's town decency laws to their limits - she has applied for an entry to the annual 4th of July parade and plans, of course, to participate while wearing nothing but a G-string.

 The local Chamber of Commerce says that's contrary to the rules for the family celebration, but Jen Moss says she'll sue if she can't parade as she desires. According to a post she made online, the Naked Lady plans "wearing only a hemp G-string and blowing a conch shell" during the parade. "We don't feel that someone in the parade who is topless or nearly naked is appropriate for a family audience. She's welcome on any other day of the year to do that. But not on the Fourth of July while in the parade," parade chairman James Kidd was quoted. If this story pick up national attention, odds makers are sure to post odds on the outcome.

  Published on 06/18/2008

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