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Big Brother: Alex gets the boot for inappropriate behaviour

Big Brother: Alex gets the boot for inappropriate behaviour Big Brother contestant Alexandra De-Gale was removed from the BB house yesterday, due to her dubious behaviour, fans of the reality show learned. "Alex has been removed for repeatedly breaking the programme's rules by behaving in an unacceptable and sometimes intimidating manner towards fellow housemates," Channel 4 confirmed the news. Hardly a surprise, Alex was called to the Diary Room on Wednesday night (third time she was called to the room for inappropriate behaviour) and was told she is leaving the house, without any contact with the remaining contestants, who were notified shortly after. Alex was one of the two contestants up for elimination vote and as per the rules of Big Brother, the vote for second BB eviction has been suspended. Bullying housemates landed Alex twice in the diary room, but her latest comments sent her straight home.

 The comments Alexandra made to Darnell were the last drop, and although E4 did not live-stream them to the viewers, according to the latest reports in the British press, Alex threatened with "gangster friends" and the housemates later said they "found her behaviour to be threatening." Ever since the last season of Big Brother, the show has a zero-tolerance policy and pretty much had to kick Alex out. Although judging from the reactions, not many fans would find it upsetting that Alexandra was evicted. About Alex: Alexandra is a single mother, who had her daughter when she was 16 years old. Her daughter is now seven, and Alexandra says she's proud of what she's achieved, in raising her child on her own, while also having a good job and nice cars. She was raised as a Christian, but a few years ago converted to Islam. However, despite trying to go to her mosque as often as she can, she now describes herself as a non-practising Muslim.

 This Big Brother twist, however, did upset many punters, who saw Alexandra as the "sure thing" to be the second BB contestant to get eliminated (by the public) and are now left with cancelled bets. At the British online bookmaker Bet 365, Mario is now the favourite to be evicted next with short odds 11/10, followed by Sylvia at 3/1 and Dennis at 4/1. Kathreya is still the ultimate favourite to win Big Brother with odds 2/1, followed by Luke with odds 11/4 and Michael at 11/2.

  Published on 06/19/2008

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