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Tim McGraw fight with rowdy fan caught on video

Tim McGraw fight with rowdy fan caught on video Country star Tim McGraw is making the headlines today with the so-called fight video of the buff star and a fan during one of McGraw's concerts. You can watch the Tim McGraw fight video below, although there isn't much of a fight going on, just a minor scuffle. Apparently during the concert in Auburn, Washington, Tim McGraw saw one of the fans mistreating a woman and pulled the guy out on the stage, with the help of the security, nearly punching the man. Who said chivalry was dead? While he was performing "Indian Outlaw", Tim McGraw spotted the rowdy fan physically harassing the woman next to him and on the video you can clearly see the country star pulling the man by his shirt, ready to fight. Calling for security to get rid of the guy, McGraw was quick to jump in, fortunately security came on time and no punches were thrown. Watch the Tim McGraw fight video:


 Published on 06/26/2008

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