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Jimmy Johns: Crimson Tide line backer arrested on drug charges

Jimmy Johns: Crimson Tide line backer arrested on drug charges The Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Jimmy Johns has been arrested on cocaine drug charges and kicked out of the program, it was reported today. According to the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force, Jimmy Johns was well known on campus for dealing cocaine, but tried to hide what he did from his teammates. "He didn't want them to know he was involved in it," Capt. Jeff Snyder was quoted.

 Capt. Snyder also said that police caught a wind of Johns selling drugs around April and sent undercover officers, who in turn purchased cocaine from the Alabama football player five times in the ten days prior to his arrest. Snyder said officers purchased drugs twice from Johns at the player's apartment, once near campus and twice at the university. He declined comment on whether officers obtained drugs in the Alabama football complex. But he said there was no indication other players were involved. Jimmy Johns was handcuffed at a gas station near his off-campus apartment. At press time he was held at the metro jail with bond set at $120,000, some reports suggest that Johns had already hired an attorney.

 Published on 06/24/2008

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