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Teen killed at Six Flags identified as Asia Leeshawn Ferguson

Teen killed at Six Flags identified as Asia Leeshawn Ferguson The 17-year-old teenager, who was killed at Six Flag Over Georgia on Saturday, has been identified as Asia Leeshawn Ferguson of Columbia, South Carolina. Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was decapitated by Batman the Ride roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday, after the teen jumped over the security fence surrounding the ride, along with another boy, which was later identified as his cousin. At this time the reason why Asia Leeshawn Ferguson jumped the fence remain unknown. Two versions are being reported in the media, the first one is that young Ferguson went over the security fence to retrieve his hat and the second version claims the boy and his cousin decided to take a short cut through the fenced area. Asia Leeshawn Ferguson and his cousin were at the Six Flags Over Georgia as a part of a youth group from Oakey Springs Baptist Church, S.C.

 "When he jumped the fence, I guess he thought he woulda made it under the ride, but I guess something caught him and hit him real hard," one witness of the horrible accident was quoted. Police say the Batman roller coaster was going full-speed when it hit Ferguson; the park's Web site says the ride's top speed is 50 miles per hour. According to authorities, the two boys wandered away, while the group was having lunch. “We still don’t know what happened. He was my oldest son. He was named after me. It’s tragic," said Asia Ferguson, the father of Asia LeeShawn Ferguson IV, quoted by South Carolina's The State. The roller coaster remains closed until Monday, while police continues with their investigation.

 Published on 06/29/2008

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