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Six Flags Accident at Superman Tower of Power in Kentucky

A 13-year old girl lost both of her feet when a Superman ride malfunctioned Thursday afternoon at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville.

Six Flags Accident at Superman Tower of Power in Kentucky The accident happened around 4:45 p.m. Thursday on the Superman Tower of Power, formerly known as the "Hell-a-vator." 

Riders are strapped in and slowly taken to the top, then dropped at a speed of 56 miles per hour before easing to a stop on the ground. That's what happened here except for one major mishap. A metal cable snapped and severed the feet of the 13-year old girl. The girl's name and hometown have not been released because she is a minor.

 According to Six Flags no one else was hurt. A broken cable could be seen sticking out from the side of the tower. The ride is shut down indefinitely. The theme park says it's trying to figure out what exactly went wrong.

Published on 06/22/2007

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