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Indiana rule change to boost high-roller casino traffic

Indiana rule change to boost high-roller casino traffic The Indiana Gaming Commission approved a new rule that will make business cheaper and easier for so-called "junketeers", i.e. companies which organize casino trips and get paid according to their players' losses. Under the rule change, junketeers no longer must be licensed casino suppliers and will no longer have to pay a hefty $5,000 fee. Instead, these firms will pay $250 for license with the state and $75 for each individual junketeer. The change is already in effect through an emergency rule, and the commission plans to make it permanent after a July 29 public hearing.

 "Our casinos are becoming more destination resort-style facilities. We would certainly like to see more people from out of state come visit. The goal is to see if we can help the casinos generate more revenue from high-level players," said Jennifer Arnold, the Indiana gaming commission's deputy director. According to some estimates, the change of the junketeers rule could bring additional $20 million in gambling revenue to the Indiana casinos, previously lost due to the high fee. As a rule of thumb, the casino players brought in by the junketeers tend to spend more money than the average gambler, since the company is paid on the money they lose (or potential loss).

 Published on 07/07/2008

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