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Gambling on entertainment in full swing this summer

 Online gambling on various entertainment events is in full swing during the "down time" of the sportsbooks. A new fab, gambling on entertainment is expected to pick up during summer time, despite the disappointing interest in betting on American Idol this year. It's summer, the period regarded by odds makers as the down time of sports betting - football, soccer, basketball, hockey - it's all off. That's why the bookies are turning to their plan B - entertainment gambling. And there is always plenty to choose from - from odds on the Angelina Jolie's babies to the 2008 Miss Universe - the sportsbooks have it all.

 Admittedly, the most bet on entertainment prop in the U.S., the American Idol, enjoyed an interest in 2008 far less than the year before. Some cite predictability, with early favorites offering almost nothing in return, while others bang the old drum of limited methods for depositing funds at the gambling website. No matter the reason, if you are not betting on baseball, you are betting on entertainment. Visit BodogSports to see an entertainment gambling props at work.

 Published on 07/13/2008

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