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Quinton Rampage Jackson arrested, held for mental evaluation

Quinton Rampage Jackson arrested, held for mental evaluation The troubles of UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson continue with a second arrest this week. Rampage Jackson was detained on Wednesday and is being held for a mental evaluation, according to a report on the NBC's website. This was the second time this week the MMA fighter has been taken into custody by the police. Quinton Jackson, referred to by UFC fans as the "Rampage", was first arrested on Tuesday in California, after attempting to evade police. According to the initial report, a policeman spotted Rampage Jackson driving on a flat tire and talking on his cell phone. When an attempt to stop the fighter was made, Jackson tried to elude the police, taking the cops on a short chase. He was arrested and charged with felony evading, reckless driving and hit and run. Rampage Jackson was later released on $25K bond, reportedly posted by UFC president Dana White.

 But Jackson's troubles did not end with running from the police. On Wednesday the UFC star was detained again, this time after a cop spotted Jackson exhibiting unusual behavior and making "alarming statements". According to the latest reports, Rampage Jackson has not been charged with a crime during his second arrest, but is being held for "mental evaluation". Since this is a medical case, no further details will be released, due to state confidentiality laws. "I think it's going to be a while before we get him back. I'm talking as a friend. It's a sensitive issue. Rampage, the UFC fighter, who cares about that. We're concerned about Rampage, the human being. What matters is his personal life," Dana White was quoted by Yahoo Sports. According to White, Rampage Jackson did not have any drugs in his system, rather it was the sudden bust of fame which led to the fighter's condition.

 Published on 07/20/2008

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