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Presidential odds: Obama maintains big lead against McCain

Presidential odds: Obama maintains big lead against McCain We are slowly closing in on a month full with news relating to the two presidential candidates and it's time to look at the odds to win the November Elections. Far away from the 2008 Presidential Elections, many states are already "enjoying" the commercials coming from both camps, a sure sign of what's to come ahead. But while some grunt at the TV others are keeping a close eye - the odds makers. According to many betting experts, the current election is expected to surpass batting on any other non-sporting event, hence the bookmakers are approaching the subject quite careful. So what's the score: At the online sportsbook BodogSports the odds makers are still favoring Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to win the Election with short odds -240, while his Republican rival John McCain remains the underdog with odds +175, a very small movement from a month ago.

 The top factors working to benefit Barack Obama's presidential odds, according to some bookmakers, were the cartoon-cover of the New Yorker and his Middle Eastern trip, which is still underway. The surge in Iraq was beneficial to John McCain, his views on offshore drilling, however, seem to be against the public opinion. As the presidential race heats up, we are likely to see more and more fluctuation in the odds to win the 2008 Elections, stay tuned for the latest updates.

 Published on 07/22/2008

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