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Vice President search: Obama-Clinton, McCain-Romney best odds

Vice President search: Obama-Clinton, McCain-Romney best odds As long as there are two or more possible outcomes of an event, there will be a bookmaker making odds on it. The 2008 Elections are no different and now punters could bet not only on who will win the Elections (click here to see odds), but on who would be the VP on the Democratic and Republican tickets. The U.S. Presidential Odds at the online sportsbook BodogSports were just extended to encompass the possible Vice President. Let's take a look at them by party affiliation: Starting with the Democrats (since Obama is odds favorite to win the Elections), the most likely running mate to the nominee is, surprise, surprise - Hillary Clinton! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the odds are now favoring Hillary Clinton 7/5 to be the VP on the Democratic presidential ticket this fall. Virginia Senator Jim Webb is the closest opposition to Clinton, he is listed with odds 15/4. Senator Webb is a good possibility, considering he was a Marine and would strengthen Obama's position on tough topics such as foreign policy and defensive experience, but he said during an interview with Meet The Press that he has no desire in the VP. Still, if we had to pick, we would go with Senator Jim Webb. Bill Richardson and Kathleen Sebelius made the single digit odds, both at 5/1 to be the Democratic VP, Michael Bloomberg is the 30/1 underdog.

 And what's going on with the GOP? Here John McCain's odds-favorite VP choice is Mitt Romney. Unlike the Democratic Obama-Clinton ticket, the McCain-Romney could actually happen, considering their views on most issues match and the Governor of Massachusetts endorsed John McCain without hesitation when he withdrew from the race. Mitt Romney, who is 2/1 odds favorite to be the Republican VP candidate, won 11 states' primaries and caucuses, for 4.2 million votes and is a great match for the GOP ticket. The second on the odds sheets for the GOP VP search is another running mate - Mike Huckabee. He is listed with odds 7/2 and was the final contender to McCain in the primaries. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is actually the only VP choice in the top three not running against McCain at some point in time - he is 4/1 to become the GOP VP candidate. But keep in mind that Tim Pawlenty was quoted numerous times that he would serve his full term in Minnesota. The underdog of the possible Republican VPs is Fred Thompson with odds 50/1. Visit BodogSports for the full list of VP odds on both parties.

 Published on 06/10/2008

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