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Features to consider at the online casinos

Features to consider at the online casinos There is an easy way to spot a good online casino from the bad ones, that is by the features it offers. There is a group of features every reputable online casino must offer to its customers and if any of them is missing - you got yourself a bad one. The first feature must be the sign-up bonus. And not just any bonus but one which doesn't require the player to jump through hoops. Look for a good percentage match-up bonus (anything over 100%), but also read the terms and conditions. These should be posted right below the description of the bonus offer and will tell you more about the online casino than any other feature. For example, the play-through requirements - industry standard is 40 times the bonus with 100 times on games such as blackjack. If you see anything bigger than those wagering requirements, you may consider keeping away from that particular gambling website.

 Another very important feature at the online casinos are the progressive jackpots. Almost all online casinos will offer a vast number of progressives, which are paid by the casino software provider. If you see progressive jackpots missing, you may have a copy-cat casino which is out to do no good. The progressive jackpots are also the best way to win a lot of money which gambling. With a 25 cent spin you could literally win millions.

 And finally, make sure that the online casino has a free play feature. This option gives you the opportunity to try out the casino without spending a dime, while still using most of the features. Progressive jackpot games will not be available, but every other game should be present at the free play casino. If an online casino does not allow you to play for free - run away, something is terribly wrong.

 Published on 07/25/2008

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