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Casino voids $102K jackpot win due to error

A man playing at the Philadelphia Park slot casino received a message on his 50 cent slot machine, that he is the winner of a jackpot valued at $102,000. Unfortunately for him, the casino said that it was actually an error in the system, and he did not win the jackpot. According to Stephen Wilkinson, the winner in question, the casino management offered him two comps for the buffet. A spokesman for Philadelphia Park casino confirmed that Wilkinson received the message that he was a jackpot winner, but it was due to system communication error.

It is interesting to see how this develops, as every machine in the casino has a disclaimer that malfunctions void all plays and pays, but the error actually occurred in the in-house computer system of the casino, and not the slot machine itself. Wilkinson is filing a complaint against the casino with the local gaming board, and a spokesman for the board has told the media that the casino should expect hefty fines for the error.

Philadelphia Park is one of the new slot casinos in Pennsylvania and eight more casinos of the same type are expected to open this year.

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