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Deposit at online casino without credit card

 Today one of the most asked questions is how to deposit at the online casinos without credit card. This question stems not from the home mortgage crisis and people's inability to get a credit card, but from a law passed in the late 2006, which forbid the banks and other financial institutions in the U.S. from processing transactions to and from online gambling websites, online casinos included. The law, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), put the breaks on the online gambling industry and forced many online casinos out of the U.S. market. Those who remain servicing American players are now facing the though process of getting money to and from their players. From the many tests we have conducted so far, one thing remains constant - it's almost impossible to deposit money at an online casino using a credit card. Hence the question of how to deposit at the online casinos without using a credit card.

 Unfortunately, if your credit card casino transaction has been denied, you don't have many options left. Currently, the most widely available alternative to credit cards at the online casino is an e-wallet called "eWalletXpress". This is pretty much the only other option you have left to credit card deposit at the online casino and it takes some time to set up. You can fund your e-wallet account using your bank account, but at the beginning it takes about a week to confirm your bank account deposit with the e-wallet. Once you have gone through the initial process of confirming your bank account, you will have a weekly limit, which you can increase with time. No matter what, if you are trying to deposit money at the online casino without a credit card, you are likely to wait at least 3 days before you can use an alternative payment method. You can also visit the Bodog online casino, which has the highest success rate of credit card deposits, according to industry experts.

 Published on 08/17/2008

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