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Successful deposit at the online casino - the harsh reality

Successful deposit at the online casino - the harsh reality If you live in the United States and have attempted recently to deposit at an online casino you may have met the harsh reality of the current situation in the online gambling industry. Ever since late 2006, when the Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), getting money to and from the online casinos has transformed into a real nightmare. Although receiving your winning from an online casino is not so complicated (although time-consuming), the real problem is depositing the money in the first place. How big of a problem? Well, we decided to find out and set forth on a quest to deposit money at a gambling website. For the purpose of this test, we chose three different online casinos and two credit cards - one Visa and one MasterCard. And here are the results:

 First we decided to visit Vegas Casino Online. Downloading and installing the casino was a breeze and problem-free. Right from the beginning we were able to install the online casino, start the software and open an account. Our tester went to the deposit screen of the casino's lobby and attempted to make a $100 deposit using the MasterCard. Unfortunately our transaction came back as unsuccessful, i.e. the bank declined to process the payment. The same outcome with the Visa. Following the unsuccessful attempts to deposit money via credit card at this online casino or options were severely limited to eWalletXpress and wire transfer. Both options would take 3-5 business days for new players. For non-USA players the credit card transactions go through without a problem, additionally a large number of alternative e-wallets are available (such as Neteller and Moneybookers). A surprising and positive twist was added to our experience with Vegas Casino Online - while we were trying to make the deposits, a $10 free bonus mysteriously showed up in our casino bankroll. Greatly appreciated, we spent it playing a few hands of video poker.

 A bit disappointed, but in a good mood, thanks to the free $10 bucks, we continued our quest with the next online casino - Golden Casino. It was here when things got really frustrating as the casino was fast to download, but a little slow to install. Even after the installation we were unable to start the online casino software by any means known to man. We assume the problem stemmed from the computer running Widows Vista Home Premium (we have tested the casino before on XP) or it was incompatible with another program on our computer. After we spent some time tweaking around we finally gave up and downloaded the casino on another machine, running Windows Vista Ultimate (64bit) and the installation and start-up process went through without a hitch. Excited by the success, our tester opened an account and try to deposit $100 with the online casino. Needless to say, both of the credit card deposits were declined, leaving us wit the same payment methods as the previous casino. A funny note, Golden Casino gave us the option to deposit via Click2Pay, although this service does not accept registrations from the US any longer.

 The lack of success and $10 buck free put us in a New York state of mind and we set off to try the final online casino on our list - Bodog Casino. Opening an account was easy, the download was relatively fast and the casino software installed and ran without any problems on the Vista Home Premium machine. When the deposit was attempted - voila, there is a reason Bodog is currently the most popular online casino in the world. The transaction went through and we successfully gambled for a while, before losing our small bankroll (plus the 10% bonus). This online casino is great and from our past experiences we had little doubt that the credit card transactions would go through.

 But if this exercise has shown us anything, it is the dire need for payment processing methods at the online casinos today. Without anything new, there would be no alternative left. It's hard to imagine that people will embark on the task of jumping through hoops to start playing at the online casinos. After all, the only reason the online casinos became so popular was thanks to the convenience they used to offer.

 Published on 07/26/2008

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