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Play free online casino games, now at every casino

 Through the years we have kept online gamblers up-to-date on everything happening in the industry, we have accumulated a big sack of emails with questions related to online casinos. And as often as we can we pull a few out and try to answer them as best as we can, while keeping it as simple as possible. Here is a question, with variations received at least once a week: "I would like to play free casino games online, but when I do a search, all of the websites take me to online casinos. What gives?"

 Simple - if you want to play free online casino games, your best option is, of course, playing those games at online casinos. Contrary on the popular belief, the online casinos do not require money, if all you look for is to play casino games and kill a couple of hours of spare time. Unlike the land-based casinos, where it's impossible to enter the casino and get "free tokens" to try out the games, the online casinos do provide you with the option to just play the casino games for free. In order to play free online casino games, you will have to open a "fun player" account with the casino, which often requires only your name an email address. Once you have opened the account, the casino will give you "fake money", usually $2,000, which you can use to play virtually every game at the online casino, except those offering a progressive jackpot.

 The reasoning behind the free-play casino games - maybe you would like the online casino and open a real money account. But opening a real money account with the online casino is only optional, it is not required in order to play free online casino games, and that's the beauty of it. You can simply download the casino to your desktop, open a fun player account and play the casino games for free any time you want. That's why when you search for "play free casino games online" most often you will be offered to visit an online casino.

 Published on 08/17/2008

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