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What I like about the online casinos

 All day I dream about a better world. One where my boss will not yell at me or my college's annoying me. One where I could live day to day, do what I like, not rotting away under fluorescent lights. When it is finally time to go home, I face an hour of congested roads and traffic jams. People hocking and shouting, the rain pouring down and since my air conditioner broke and I don't have money to fix it; I have the option of getting wet or sitting in a sauna. When I'm driving home from work like this, all I can think of is gambling at an online casino.

 When I get home, the wife is as distant as can be; a microwaved dinner waits. After having my bland meal, I turn on my computer, take a bag of nuts, a bowl, my Jack Daniels, water and ice and I sit on my wonderful leather chair. As Windows loads, my blood starts to rush and I begin to feel alive again. By the time the system is up, I can barely stand the excitement; what has fate prepared for me today?

 I open my inbox and a whole array of wonderful online casino offers is there for my picking. 100% Bonuses, free chips, cash backs, prizes, contests, reminders, news, everything. I choose an offer that I like, whatever it is, I get to choose. Today, it was Cool Cat Casino that caught my attention with a 300% bonus to play on slots. Which is fine by my standards, since all I really play is slots. I have occasionally perused the other games offered by this online casino and others, but slots gambling is my thing.

 Now you may be quick to remind me that a 300% bonus will have a very high play through and other restrictions. But that is not a concern for me. I'll play till I lose almost every time. When I play at an online casino, I get taken into a world of excitement and opportunity where I am in control. I have won over $2,000 twice and I have even received a few presents from some online casinos including a calendar, card sets, a mouse pad and a poker table. But there is more to playing at an online casino then winning money. It is the excitement, the thrill of living. It is the only time I can remember what I felt when I was young. When my heart starts pounding in my chest as the reels settle and I can taste the possibility of winning 5 or 6 digits, it is the same heart pounding feeling I got when I met my wife, when I got my first car; when I most felt alive.

 So yes, I wish I would win a million dollars at an online casino and could afford to do what I want. But until then, and even if that time does not come, I am happy that every night I can feel alive again, if only for a moment.

 By Tom Gordon, syndicated author

 Published on 09/24/2008

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