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Barack Obama odds to win the Election

Barack Obama odds to win the Election Just two days away from the 2008 Presidential Election and now it's time to look at the odds offered on Democratic candidate Barack Obama to become the next president of the United States. Early voting has already begun, but we will not see the full force of the US electorate until Tuesday, hence what better time to check how the odds on Barack Obama have moved in the past few days. Last time we checked the presidential odds, Obama was leading about 10 points, according to the major polls and now Obama is leading on John McCain by about 6 points, according to Reuters.

 This drop in the lead has also been reflected on the betting odds. At the online sportsbook Bodog, the odds on Barack Obama to win the November Election are now sitting at -800, compared to -900 a week ago. Still, at -800 Barack Obama remains the ultimate favorite to win the 2008 Election - GOP nominee John McCain is holding underdog odds of +400 on victory on Tuesday. In the two days remaining before the Election, one thing is certain - there will be wild swings in the presidential odds, with more and more people expressing interest in this new form of wagering. We will be here to bring you the latest changes in Obama's and McCain's odds to win, as well as various other Election odds.

 Published on 11/02/2008

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