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John McCain odds to win the 2008 Election

John McCain odds to win the 2008 Election A couple of days left until the final showdown between the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and the Republican candidate John McCain, ultimately decided by the people, it's time to look at the odds on the later to win the 2008 Election. Polls give the lead to Barack Obama, but the presidential odds offered by the sportsbooks are the best indicator for us on how the election is going for John McCain - not good at all.

 The GOP representative John McCain is trailing behind Obama at the online sportsbook Bodog with underdog odds +400. For those of you who don't know how to read odds, it means that the bookmaker will pay out $400 on every $100 wagered. Compared to the Obama's odds, which at this time are -800 ( bettors must risk $800 to win $100) and the picture is quite grim for John McCain. The spread of various rumors and labeling of Barack Obama helped the Republican none throughout the campaigning, although in the past week we have seen a slight improvement in the McCain's odds to win the 2008 Election. John McCain used to be +600 underdog just the last week and although his current +400 is quite an improvement, it remains far from indicating any serious competition on Tuesday.

 Published on 11/02/2008

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