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Presidential Elections: Key swing states odds to win

Presidential Elections: Key swing states odds to win With the presidential elections two days away from full swing, the two major party candidates are naturally engaged in last minute power-campaigning in the key swing states, with Democrat Barack Obama focusing on Ohio with three speeches today and Republican John McCain will appear twice in Pennsylvania, while running mate Sarah Palin will also make 3 appearances in the state of Ohio. With the few key states, voting there could ultimately decide the entire Election, according to most experts, the online sportsbook Bodog has gone the extra mile and has published not only odds on the two presidential candidates, but also odds on whom each state will vote for in the 2008 Elections (popular vote). Of course, we cannot look at each of the 50 states individually, but here are the odds on the key swing states.

 Key swing state Ohio - the state voted Republican by a small margin in the 2004 Election and is by far the most important state for John McCain. At this time however, at Bodog the odds on Ohio's popular vote are leaning towards Barack Obama at -400 and the odds on Ohio voting Republican are underdog at +250. Key swing state Pennsylvania - the state voted Democratic in the last presidential election, but with 21 electoral votes, it would be another big win for McCain if his two rallies are able to persuade the residents in the last moment. But at Bodog the state of Pennsylvania is favored to vote for a Democrat once again with odds -1200 and +600 on the key swing state to vote for John McCain. These two key swing states alone hold 15% of the country's electoral vote, hence the heavy campaigning by both camps.

 Other key swing states include Florida, where the battle seems to be the toughest, with -275 on voting Democrat and +175 on voting Republican; Michigan, which seems lost by McCain ever since  he dropped off active campaigning in the Wolverine State, now odds on Michigan voting for Obama are -5000 and +1000 for voting John McCain; and Georgia, which according to the odds makers is leaning towards Republican vote at -500 and the odds on the Peach State voting for Obama are +250. Keep in mind that these are the odds on the popular vote in the key swing states. To learn more about popular vote, see links below.


 Published on 11/02/2008

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