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2009 Super Bowl point spread: Steelers spread widens

 A little more than a week left until the 2009 Super Bowl and the bettors have already changed both the point spread and the odds on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl XLIII. There have been no injury reports or any other reports that would affect the outcome of the 2009 Super Bowl, so only the betting patterns are to blame for the shift in odds and spread on the Super Bowl 43.

 Currently at the online sportsbook Bookmaker the 2009 Super Bowl point spread is at -7 points chalk the Steelers, up from 6.5 points a few days ago. Now instead of Pittsburgh winning by a touchdown to cover the spread, they would have to win by TD and then some for the bet to pay off - a perfect example of what a difference half a point move on the spread can have on the Super Bowl bets. Naturally the way people are betting has affected the change in the 2009 Super Bowl point spread, from the very moment the spread was posted at Bookmaker, the bookie disclosed to us that bettors are taking Steelers to cover the spread in the Super Bowl by a land slide. Keep in mind that Pittsburgh is 7-1 against the spread in its last 8 games and Arizona is 4-1 against the spread in its last 5 games.

 Oddly enough, not only the 2009 Super Bowl point spread has changed in the course of the last few days, but the odds on winning the Super Bowl 43 have shifted, as well, although in the opposite direction. Initially the odds on the Steelers to win the Super Bowl were at -265 at Bookmaker, but today these odds have shortened a bit, down to -255. Meanwhile the Cardinals were +225 just two days ago, but today the Cardinals odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl were cut to +215 - a small move, yet comes to show that the majority of bettors who take the Steelers are doing it on the point spread, while those believing the Cardinals got what it takes to win the 2009 Super Bowl are betting on Arizona to win straight up.

 Overall, however, there is no surprise that the 2009 Super Bowl point spreads and odds are changing almost daily. With millions of people making bets on the Super Bowl 43 all over the world, it's only the natural course of the odds makers to adjust the spread and lines on the game. Which makes it highly unlikely that even these current odds will remain unchanged going into the weekend - so lock them in at Bookmaker while you can.

 Published on 01/23/2009

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