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Odds on who will admit steroid use posted by sportsbooks

 Case after case of steroids use is shaking the MLB, with the latest admission of  usage by baseball star Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) and this quagmire has caught the attention of the online sportsbooks. Known to be the first to post the most weird betting odds, the offshore sportsbooks are already jumping on the "steroid wagon" - the popular online sportsbook Bookmaker has now posted betting odds on who will be the next baseball player to admit steroid use in public and unfortunately there are quite a few favorites. According to the online bookmaker, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire are naturally the top favorite bets with odds +500 to admit in public that they have used steroids, but keep in mind that one of the conditions of a winning bet is that the MLB players must admit the steroid use to the public before any court decision has been made. Other contenders in this category include Ryan Howard with +800 odds, Manny Ramirez at +1000, while the underdog is David Ortiz with long-shot +1200 on admitting steroid use to the public.

 Of course, the online sportsbook is not just waiting on the above baseball stars to come out. The bookie has also posted odds on the next baseball player to be caught using steroids. The odds on all players listed as the most likely to be caught using steroids all pay out on +350 money line and include names such as Manny Ramirez, Derrek Lee, Carlos Delgado and more. To see the full list of the sportsbook's most likely players to be caught using steroids, visit Bookmaker. And finally, the betting website has made favorite the bet that A-Rod will be called to Capitol Hill in relation to admitting he had used steroids in the past, The odds are -500 that A-Rod will be called to make the trip, while the opposite will pay out on -150 odds.

 Published on 02/16/2009

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