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Online sportsbooks accepting credit cards, sportsbooks deposit using credit card

 The biggest problem for the online sportsbooks and the bettors alike is depositing at sportsbooks and finding those who accept credit cards. For informational purpose only we visited all of the websites on our best online sportsbooks list to find out which of them still have credit card as depositing option and what is the success rate of credit card deposits at those sportsbooks. Not surprisingly, it's almost impossible to find online sportsbooks accepting credit cards, but we managed to get lucky with two sports betting websites.

 Bodog Sports, one of the most popular online betting websites in the world, is still the leader of successful deposits via credit card or debit card. Although signing up with this bookmaker may be a bit of tedious work, once you have everything set up, you should have no problem. As per our attempts, combined with the experience of many bettors shared on popular sports betting forums, the successful credit card deposits at this online sportsbook are still leading the industry. And with the big part of the world getting used to using plastic all the time, this results in very high volume of players and transaction, which bring us to the only drawback of betting with Bodog - withdrawals are a bit slow. That said, you will still get your money but it may be a couple of weeks, again, due to the extremely high volume of players this betting firm enjoys. And don't forget you will get 10% deposit on every credit card deposit you make with this bookie.

 BetED - another good online sportsbook which processes deposits with debit and credit cards, almost as successful as Bodog. BetED, however, cannot come near Bodog with their credit card transactions. First, you will be credited with this deposit once you submit the credit card verification form. There is a 30 day waiting period from the date of your last credit card deposit before withdrawals can be processed. And the maximum amount you can deposit via credit card at this online sportsbook is only $300, not to mention that the last time we checked, we were not able to even open the credit card verification form. We suggest you try BetED only if your attempts of depositing with credit card at Bodog online sportsbook have failed, something very unlikely, but possible.

 Published on 12/05/2008

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