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Live sports betting, mobile betting among M Resort features

 There is hardly a lack of casino gambling and sportsbooks in Las Vegas, and the current troublesome economy is making gambling competition in the Sin City ever so tough. But the recently opened M Resort knows that innovation and unique services are the key to making money these days. The new gambling complex has just introduced a feature long offered by the online sports betting websites, but yet to be seen on the ground - live in-play sports betting in Las Vegas. The M Resort's sportsbook, which has already drawn plenty of clientele thanks to its unique settings, has now added the option for its patrons to bet on the games live as they happen. The betting odds are also set in-house by the M Resort odds makers giving the bettors access to adjusted point spread, money lines and totals while a game is in progress.

 If the live sports betting at M Resort, which could turn a trip to the sportsbook into a whole-day event, wasn't enough, the innovative gambling complex is now also offering mobile sports betting within the resort's borders. Using technology by the British developer Cantor Gaming, account holders of the new casino gambling center will be given a small device which they in turn can use to place sports bets, track their wagers and calculate winnings, all without the need to visit a sportsbook kiosk.

 Published on 03/22/2009

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