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Detroit Lions new uniforms, new logo, but old underdog odds

Detroit Lions new uniforms, new logo, but old underdog odds A very important decision has been made at the Detroit Lions' camp, following the 0-16 season - the Lions will get new uniforms which will spot the new Detroit Lions logo. You can see the difference between the old one and the new Lions logo on the picture to the left. Clearly not much has been done to change it, other than "buff-up" the lion a little bit, adding a pair of fangs and making the stitching of the numbers on the new Detroit Lions uniforms a bit different. Overall the new Detroit Lions uniforms and logo are not that different from the old ones, but could turn out to be disparate enough to piss off the few fans who bought the old uniforms in the past year. And talking about buying new Lions uniforms, it was also announced that Dunham’s will be the exclusive retailer of the new logo merchandise for a time, besides the NFL's website, of course.

 But will the new Detroit Lions uniforms and the new logo help the team do better in the upcoming football season? Apparently not, as far as the odds makers are concerned, the new logo and uniforms are pairing nicely with the same ole underdog odds. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the Detroit Lions are currently the underdog to win the next Super Bowl, listed with long odds 150/1. For comparison, the next after the Lions are the Oakland Raiders, sitting on 100/1 odds. New uniform or not, the Lions need to come out quite strong this NFL season in order to make a difference in the betting odds and maybe leave the old underdog spot. And who are the favorite teams to win the Super Bowl next year? Click here to find out.

 Published on 04/20/2009

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