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Illegal gambling operation found by accident in GA

Authorities in Georgia have discovered an illegal gambling ring while investigating an unrelated crime.

Illegal gambling operation found by accident in GAThe police in Doraville, GA, was on the trail to a stolen diesel tanker when they discovered an illegal gambling business, called by some of the cops "mini Las Vegas". The local police obtained a search warrant for a warehouse, where they believed the stolen fuel tanker was being hidden. When they executed the warrant, the found not just the fuel, but a mini casino, as well. The warehouse was furnished with slot machines and gambling tables, and even included a bar and a strip poll. It might have been a warehouse from the outside, but from the images released by the local police, one could swear that you were inside a full functional Las Vegas casino.

The investigation of the gambling business is still pending, one person has been charged in connection to the missing fuel tanker. Doraville is located in the north east Metro Atlanta.


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