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Uefa Cup Final: Espanyol v Sevilla odds

Will Sevilla will win the Uefa Cup second year in a row, or will Espanyol win their first Uefa title?

Uefa Cup Final: Espanyol v Sevilla oddsThe Uefa Cup final, which will be played at Glasgow, Scotland tomorrow will bring us the clash of two Spanish teams. We immediately went to the British online betting website Bet365 (official website new window), which always offers the best odds and in-game live betting in U.K. and Europe. Espanyol have betting odds of 4.00 to win the Uefa cup and Sevilla has 1.90 with 3.25 for a draw.

In the last two games between those teams in the Spanish Primera Division each team has one a match, with the recent finishing 3-1 for Sevilla, which are favorite to win, considering they have played with a lot of substitutes the last few games and should have a fresh A team for the Uefa final.

But will the Sevilla plane incident bring them bad luck at the Uefa Cup final? The Spanish side were forced to cancel their intended pre-match training session at Hampden after their charter plane suffered technical difficulties.

If you are unsure about the outcome yet, don't forget Bet365 offers in-game live odds and betting.


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