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American Idol: Melinda Doolittle got voted off

And yet another exiting episode of American Idol is behind us, and people's votes have been counted.

American Idol: Melinda Doolittle got voted offAnd just as we predicted in our last article about American Idol - Melinda Doolittle was voted off, despite the heavy odds against Blake Lewis - Bodog had 9/2 for Blake to win the Idol, compared to 11/5 for Melinda.

Yes, we are the kings of American Idol predictions, and we always get it right. And how about another prediction? Well, let's hope you are betting on Blake Lewis because we predict that he will win the American Idol. Yes, we said it. See, folks, the American Idol is not as much about music, as it is about entertainment. And although Jordin Sparks can kick Blake's butt any day of the week as far as singing, she is nowhere near his entertainment level.

On the other side, women would vote for either Blake or Jordin, where most men would not be inclined to vote for Blake, due to his, let say "flaming", personality. So we think it will depend on the men to women voting ratio to determine who will win the American Idol.

But Jordin is foxy hot...Ok, change of heart, Jordin will win. So our official prediction is that Jordin Sparks will win the American Idol.

Either way, we are up for a great final of the American Idol, so do not miss it. Oh, and no angry emails if Jordin Sparks win...or Blake Lewis.


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