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Chelsea won the FA Cup beating Manchester United

In this week's most anticipated football match between Chelsea and Manchester United for the FA Cup, the Blues won 1-0 in the extra time.

Chelsea won the FA Cup beating Manchester UnitedDidier Drogba won the FA Cup for Chelsea, scoring the the extra time (116'), after the game finished 0-0 at the new Wembley stadium today. With an assistance from Frank Lampard, Drogba scored towards the end of the extra time, in what appeared to be quite a boring game. The clash between Chelsea and Manchester United was expected to be the culmination after the season ended, especially when both teams had a score to settle from the Premiership. But despite the expectations, both teams took a lazy approach and left millions of viewers disappointed. The exhaustion from the 60 games both teams played this season may have played a big role in the heavy-legged performance by the football stars on each side.

This, however, is not likely to bother Chelsea, as the FA Cup is in their hands, and after all, this is what the teams went out on the stadium for, today. Jose Mourinho, which led Chelsea to the League Cup earlier this year, could not be happier to add the FA Cup to his trophies, after meeting a criticism for Chelsea's performance in the Premiership, and the rumours that his employment with the Blues is under question.

FA Cup final result: Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

Goals: Didier Drogba 116.

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