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American Idol - Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis?

The final of the American Idol is closing in on us, folks, and many are asking who will win - Jordin or Blake?

American Idol - Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis?Well, we have always bragged about how our American Idol predictions are bulls eye, and it's time to make our final prediction...I think...Well, the online odds maker Bodog is considering Jordin Sparks to be the favorite with odds -400, compared to Blake Lewis betting odds of +250.

If nothing changes from today until the American Idol final, we are going with the odds and predict that Jordin Sparks will win the Idol finale.

We kind of leaned towards Blake at the beginning, right after Melinda Doolittle was voted off. And it's because Blake seems to deliver the entertainment many expect from the American Idol. Not that he sings better than Jordin, she would be declared a winner right now, if it was all about how good you can sing. But you would definitely have to know how to entertain your audience, as well, therefore  we think this would be the closest vote than any other American Idol before.

But will America vote for entertainment or singing? That's the question. And today we think that American Idol will be won on the basis of how good you sing.

If you do or don't agree - please, email us to let us know what you think. We would love to find out how many of you think the American Idol winner will be Jordin, and how many think it's going to be Blake.


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