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American Idol: Blake and Jordin still 50/50

It seems that American Idol fans are as divided on who will win, Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis as we are.

Yesterday we asked our readers to write us a brief email and let us know who they think will win the American Idol final. It was very surprising to see the exact number of emails in favor for Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis. Here is a taste of what some of you guys wrote to us about American Idol.

Amrican Idol: Blake and Jordin still 50/50Lea P. writes: "Blake will win, because he has the total package, talent, image, and a huge fan base."

Linda C. : "Jordin entertains me and makes me smile. Blake doesn't do either one of those things. Jordin all the way!"

Randael Q. : "Hi. I am just emailing you to tell you that I think Blake Lewis should win American Idol this year. My brother also thinks so too. Blake has some amazing talent he needs to show off to the world."

Diane: "Jordin is wonderful and will have many years of a great career....BUT....Blake is the American Idol delivering the goods this year :)"

Keep those emails on who will win the American Idol coming, we will do our best to publish as many as we can tomorrow. Write to and use either "Jordin" or "Blake" in the subject line if you'd like to make our life easier.


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