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Lindsay Lohan arrested on DUI, cops find coke in the car

Lindsay Lohan was arrested on DUI charges on Saturday after her Mercedes SL-65 Sunset Boulevard around 5:30 pm.

Lindsay Lohan arrested on DUI, cops find coke in the carIt seems that Lindsay Lohan did not succeed in cutting down her bad habits. The police suspects the star was speeding before she hit a curb and caused the accident. She was arrested on suspicious of driving under the influence.

When the cops arrived at the scene - there was no one, but witnesses recognized Lohan's car and she was later found in a hospital and released to face DUI charges. She was treated for minor injuries only. Two other unidentified people were with her in the Mercedes, witnesses claim. The police found a usable drug substance which later on was identified as cocaine. They did not say where exactly they found the drugs, but said the coke was not on Lohan.

A betting website, which we will not mention due to questionable credibility had Lindsay Lohan to get arrested for DUI odds at 1/2, which means that you had to bet $2 to win $1. Be sure that credible oddsmakers will swiftly place odds on Lindsay Lohan and her DUI, and we will post them as soon as it happens.


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