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UFC 71 winner is "Rampage" Jackson, defeating Liddell TKO

If you are still wondering who won the UFC 71 - the answer is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in the first round.

UFC 71 winner is "Rampage" Jackson, defeating Liddell TKOAs we predicted in our earlier post, Jackson won the UFC 71, but left many disappointed, especially those who paid for the live Pay-Per-View event, not to mention that the fight was stalled for hours.  The odds for Jackson when we made the call were +160 compared to Liddell at -200.

It took Rampage Jackson only 1 minute and 53 seconds to TKO Liddell. Four punches to the head in the middle of round one did the job and the referee stopped the fight and declared Jackson the winner and UFC light-weight champion.

Many saw Jackson as the underdog coming in this fight, but we kept our record of correct predictions going with Rampage on this one. We only wish we did see full five rounds of head-bashing and ass-kicking, instead we couldn't even get 2 minutes of fighting. I feel I should call my PPV and ask for my money back, after staying up until the whee hours of the night, just to watch two minutes.

I believe for the UFC 72 they should get together and agree on no TKOs until at least round three. Wouldn't you agree?

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