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Casino to hold auction for Michael Jackson memorabilia

The largest Michael Jackson memorabilia will be auctioned at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Wednesday, May 30th.

Casino to hold auction for Michael Jackson memorabiliaIn what has been called the largest Jackson auction ever, over 1,000 original Michael Jackson costumes will be up for grabs at the casino on Wednesday. Universal bought the items from for $5 million from the  New Jersey businessman Henry Vaccaro, who bought them in 2002 from a bankruptcy court auction. Universal claim they have spent another $2 million just to transport the goods from New Jersey to Las Vegas. no worries, however, as the collection was insured by Lloyd's of London for more than $100 million.

Attorneys for Michael Jackson tried to halt the auction, but two weeks ago they have reached a confidential settlement and dropped the efforts to prevent the auction from going live.

Some of the most popular items that will be offered at the casino auction are:

Bill Whitten-designed militaristic red coat with gold rope that belonged to Michael Jackson

The 1987 contract detailing his $30 million purchase of the California ranch now known as the "Neverland."

A worn telegram from July 6, 1984, from Marlon Brando encouraging Michael Jackson before a show.

Also many paintings, personal clothing of Michael and Janet Jackson, lyrics of the pop-singer and more. Interest in the auction at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been expressed not just locally but from Europe and the Middle East, ensuring that millions of dollars will exchange hands during the auction in Wednesday and Thursday in Las Vegas.


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