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Big Brother 8 eviction cost slashed to 25p

After the Big-Brother celebrity scandal, now fans of Big Brother 8 are finally getting some good news.

Big Brother 8 eviction cost slashed to 25p Channel 4 has announced that the cost per call when voting for the Big Brother 8 will be cut own to 25p. This way the channel will make no profit from the calls. The reason behind this decision is to keep the voting “fair and transparent”, according to Channel 4 representatives. Previously the channel charged 50p per call and made profit on it, now from the 25p they will cover their cost and give 10p to charity. Voting for the Big Brother 8 will be additionally monitored by an outside law firm to ensure further transparency of the voting process.

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Bad news, however, is the announcement that people will not be able to vote for Big Brother 8 using a text message. Channel 4 is saying that the mobile phone operators are unable to process the text messages in the time frame desired.

Earlier this week aerial photos of the Big Brother 8 House were rumoured to have been leaked, which show that the House has two gardens. The pictures made people speculate that the housemates will be split up, or that another batch of housemates will live alongside them.

Big Brother 8 will start as scheduled this week, with the apology airings for the Celebrity Big Brother racial remarks.


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