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Big Brother - Emma will not be told about her father

The producers of Big-Brother (Australia) have announced their decision that Emma will not be told about her father's death.

Big Brother - Emma will not be told about her fatherEmma's father, Raymond Cornell, died in Adelaide last week, but he requested that his daughter is not been told about his condition, so she could have a better experience at the Big Brother. The producers claimed that they just follow her relative's decision.

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A statement from the company criticized the media coverage of this dreadful event and read: "Some of the reports and media speculation is uninformed, inaccurate and potentially damaging to Emma and her family. Big Brother is observing the explicit request from her family that she not be informed of his death. Everyone who is part of Big Brother is very sympathetic to her situation."

Emma will be told in private about her father's death, after the Big Brother is over for her.

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