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Big Brother 8: What can 12 females do?

Rumours have surfaced that 12 females will be this first housemates let in the Big Brother 8 house.

Big Brother 8: What can 12 females do?The 12 females will have to wait until Friday, when the first male will be allowed in the house. The first male rumours point to the Oldham Athletic footballer Chris Hall. More men will join the Big Brother 8 as the show progresses.

The producers from Channel 4 believe that 12 females will be able to generate enough controversy right from the start. According to the U.K. yellow press, one of the females is a lap dancer, while another is a member of the Women’s Institute. Put these two by themselves, and friction is guaranteed.

The Interior of the house has also been changed. Another change - Russell Brand is gone from Big Brother’s Big Mouth and his spot on the spin-off show will be filled by a team of fresh talent, yet to be named.

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