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Big Brother Australia - a picture worth 1000 words

Little that we knew, now is taking a serious bashing for using Big Brother 8 pictures for Big Brother Australia.

When we reported that Emma will not be told about her father's death, and that Nick is out (punt not intended), we used stock photos we have for Big Brother 8 UK. Sure, we could have taken our time and find pix from the Australian spin-off.

Who caught our mistake first - click here to find out.

It's Silvia's fault. She has been cutting corners not just on the Aussie Big Brother reporting, but on cleaning her desk from all the junk food she brings to the office. However, she is hot, and hot chicks always get to keep their jobs.

This is a stupid thing to say. We do not hire and fire employees based on beauty factors. You should see David. - Editor

She, however, has been punished. Silvia will go out to dinner with Dave. We took it a step further, and from today, May30th, until the end of the Big Brother Australia, we will substitute the office-party favorite Heineken with Fosters.

This is Emma from Big Brother Australia This is Nick from Big Brother Australia

Greg H. writes us to express disappointment for using the Big Brother 8 (UK) pictures instead of  Big Brother Australia:

You dropkicks! That's Emma (Greenwood) from BB UK, not the Emma from BB Aus.
No regards
Greg H.

"Obva" from the forum exposing our wrong doings, compliments on our entertainment skills:

After reading that I must say even Kris Noble looks intelligent. Maybe they will get OG Paper to produce Big Brother next year. At least we won't be bored as there will be different housemates (or "roommates") each week according to their understanding of who everyone is.

Australians are not bad people - they are just patriotic. How would you feel if instead of picture of Miss USA we published a picture of Miss Canada?

We did something like that - we published Miss Korea picture in a news about Miss Japan, but it was to show that Miss Korea was much hotter than Miss Japan...In the office poll, at least. - Editor.

Anyhow, to discuss Big Brother Australia - visit - they were the only folks who posted on our mistake, so they must care about the show more than anyone else.

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