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Nick voted out of Big Brother, shares true feelings

Nick got 51% of the combined votes on Big Brother Australia and was send packing to go home.

Nick voted out of Big Brother, shares true feelingsOn his way out of the house Nick gave the cold shoulder to a few of the roommates. And at the airing of his good bye message, he let all the bottled feelings out.

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He used colourful expressions to describe each side of the divided Big Brother roommates, calling one side "nasty" and the other good. According to Nick, the Big Brother was split into real people and fake people. He shared his thoughts with the cameras, calling the group led Emma insincere and manipulative.

Nick, who is openly gay, seemed to have started something with Thomas, although he refused to admit anything, calling their relationship simply a harmless flirt.

Emma's father passed away, but the producers decided to obey his wish and not tell the roommate the sad news. The show's co-executive producer Kris Noble yesterday told The Courier-Mail a man and his daughter were removed from the set after holding up a sign that read, "Emma, Your Dad Is Dead" during the nominations show.

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