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Big Brother 8: List of the housemates and odds of winning

Unlike the rumours first indicated, there were only 11 females entering the Big-Brother 8 house tonight.

Big Brother 8: List of the housemates and odds of winningWell, we were hoping for 12 women, but 11 will do just fine. The first ever Big Brother twins are in the house, a 60-year-old lady and Manchester United footballer Kieran Richardson’s cousin. Of course, only women in the house for now, but men will be brought in as the Big Brother 8  progresses. The producers hint that they will let in only hot guys in the house, which would be the perfect recipe for a lot of drama and maybe some cat-fights.

The U.K. licensed online betting website Bet 365 (Sign up bonus of £100 for new Big Brother 8 bettors) already takes bets on which of the girls will win the 2007 Big Brother 8. We have included the odds on each housemate:

Sam (twin #1, betting odds 23.00 to win) + Amanda (twin #2, odds 23.00)

Both are 18 years old, students from Newcastle. They don't mind sharing a man and work as promotions girls at a nightclub (whatever that means, wink). They will most certainly be in the middle of each controversy involving a man in the Big Brother 8 house.

Lesley (odds 26.00)

Lesley is the 60-year-old lady we mentioned earlier. She is a grandmother of two, and is the member of the Women’s Institute. She will be the down-to-earth person on the show, and it's expected to be voted off early. No one likes a party-pooper, especially if the party has hot twins.

Charley (odds 41.00)

She is the 21-year-old cousin of Kieran Richardson, the Manchester United footballer. She likes football, "The Jeremy Kyle Show" and herself. Perfect combination for irritating other women.

Carole (odds 5.50 - best odds)

She is a 53-year-old tattoo fan and would rather take part in political protests than find love in the Big Brother 8 house. Although Carole admits - she is available for the taking.

Nicky (odds 11.00)

She was born in Mumbai, currently living in Watford. Hates men, loves to drink. Nicky is 27-year-old and works as an accounts executive.

Laura (odds 7.00)

The 23-year-old nanny from South Wales is fascinated with dead people, volunteers to clean a local cemetery and her dream job is as an embalmer. If she wins the Big Brother 8 and gets the £100,000 - Laura says she will own a funeral home.

Emily (odds 19.00)

The 19-year-old right winger is not ashamed to claim to be the smartest one in the house. She wants to run her own magazine or a fashion label one day. Emily will be one of the fire-starters in the house - she said she does not like benefit cheats.

Tracy (odds 9.00)

A very confused 36-year-old hippy raver. Tracy goes out every weekend to party hard, but does not drink. And is a big supporter of the Queen. She obviously hasn't found her direction yet, and this makes her equal to a stick of dynamite when it comes to Big Brother community living.

Chanelle (odds 19.00)

Big fan of Victoria Beckham. Chanelle is 19 years old, student, and does everything like Victoria, including, but not limited to, hairstyles, clothing and a place of residency - Chanelle wants to move to L.A. via Madrid, just like Victoria Beckham.

Shabnam (odds 13.00)

A 22-year-old, who thinks that everyone wants to talk to her. The receptionist is single, but confident she will get plenty of action in the house, claiming that "people are drawn to me".

Betting odds provided by the British bookmaker Bet365 online.

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