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Mitt Romney low on contributions in Q2

 The 2008 GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney announced $14.5 million in contributions in the second quarter.

Mitt Romney low on contributions in Q2 Signs of weakening fundraising power is showing at the GOP camp. Senator Mitt Romney published $14.5 million in contributions for the second quarter, far below his first quarter achievement of $21 million.

 The Romney campaign says the Massachusetts governor had $12 million cash on hand for the 2008 Presidential Race. Over 80,000 people have contributed to Mitt Romney, which means 50,000 more people have donated in the second quarter.

 The oddsmakers for the 2008 Presidential Elections continue to favor Mitt Romney, his odds remaining unchanged at 8/1, according to Sportsbook. Rudy Giuliani, who raised $17 million in the Q2 remains one of the leaders of the race with odds of only 3/1. Odds on John McCain, who fell short with only $11.2 million in the second quarter, also remain stabile at 5/1.

Published on 07/03/2007

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