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Al Gore still not interested to run for president

 Former Vice President Al Gore has the odds, but does he have the guts for the 2008 Presidential Election?

Al Gore still not interested to run for president Al Gore continues to decline the rumors that he will run for President in 2008. Gore, 59, told Meredith Vieira, the host of NBC's Today show, that he will not run for presidency in 2008, nor will he take part in any other future Presidential Elections. According to Al Gore, his mission will be to continue to raise awareness on Global Warming and other environmental issues.

 “I’ve kind of fallen out of love with politics,” he told Vieira on Thursday, a quote which made headlines all over the world, but it was buried under the recent scandal involving Gore's son, Al Gore III. Gore III was arrested for speeding and possession of marijuana earlier this week (see link at the bottom of the page).

 Even the fact, that as a president Al Gore would have more power to deal with the environmental issues he is concerned with, did not convince the former Vice President, that joining the 2008 Presidential Election would be a good idea.

 But nothing could convince the oddsmakers. As part of our "2008 You Bet™" segment, we track the odds offered by the European and North American sportsbooks to bring you a prospective from each side of the Atlantic. The North American still has Al Gore with odds on becoming a President of the USA at 6/1.

 Keep in mind that betting on the Presidential Election is in the process of picking up speed, thus most of the sportsbooks are slow to catch up to the news. The British oddsmaker Bet365 online also has Al Gore firm at 6/1. At both bookmakers, Hilary Clinton continues to be the favorite to become the next USA President.

Published on 07/05/2007

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