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Hank Kuehne - the new boyfriend of Venus Williams

Venus Williams added another trophy, this time it was golf-related, and his name is Hank Kuehne.

Hank Kuehne - the new boyfriend of Venus Williams It's obvious that Venus Williams is on a roll here. First she wins the 2007 Wimbledon, and now her new boyfriend - Hank Kuehne, (his full name is actually Henry August "Hank" Kuehne II) is showing up everywhere with her.

 Hank Kuehne is from Dallas, Texas, and believe it or not, has been romantically linked before to Paula Abdul, the American Idol judge. Kuehne is a is a professional golfer who currently plays on the PGA Tour. His brother and sister are also professional golfers.

 And Hank was the first of Williams' men who ever accompanied her to a Grand Slam. Hank Kuehne was among the spectators when Venus won her semi-final, and consequently the Wimbledon.

 Hank and Venus have been together for a while, and the Wimbledon winner has been on a few of his golf tournaments. But when Kuehne showed up at the Wimbledon - things are stating to look serious. Especially after Richard Williams, father of the tennis star, called Hank Kuehne "a super top guy".

 When asked about the new man in her life, Venus simply said: "He's very supportive. I love having him here. He's a great guy, he understands competition." Do I hear wedding bells?


Published on 07/07/2007

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